Praying for the Blumers

I haven't seen it anywhere on Sharper Iron, but I saw on Facebook that Aaron and Adam Blumer's dad went home to be with the Lord yesterday. He'd been suffering terribly with brain cancer. I'm sure their family would appreciate prayer at this time.

Funeral Info]HERE .

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Always glad when a saint's suffering ends and he goes Home, but so sorry for the family and for his widow- to lose a husband after 45+ years of marriage... I can't imagine.

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Praying for the family. Dan, thanks for letting us know.

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Thanks, folks. Pray for my mom. She and Dad were constant companions for 47 years... hardly ever apart. She's been grieving slowly the last couple of years as Dad declined, but there's still nothing like the "end." We know my dad is with the Lord, and Mom knows that, too, but one of the things we live with as mortals in this life is an intense feeling of finality when death occurs. What we know and even deeply believe does not reach the whole of what we feel.