Prayer for souls to get saved

I was out witnessing last night and had a conversation with a man. I have his name in my phone which is not on me right know. He had 2 friends whom died due to drug overdoses and he was searching for answers. I challenged him in love with the reality of his state, and the good news of Christ. After we spoke for a while I prayed for him. I gave him a gospel of John and a bible tract (One Minute after you die by Erwin Lutzer) to read and he said he would read them. Pray that he will get saved.

Also after I passed out a dozen or so tracts, I open air/street preached for a while. There were some heckling me as they were passing. I challenged many with the reality of their soul and the good news of Christ. Pray that people will get saved, as the Bible is so powerful and will not return void (Isa 55:11). There are other christians that want instant results when they go out and witness, so they make claims that open air preaching or tracts are ineffective, but I disagree, as their views are a result of a impatient fast paced society, and not the thinking of a Biblical mind.

Thank you,


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