The Onion fools the NYT with fake Obama Tiger Beat cover

Today The New York Times admitted they made the mistake of treating a fake creation from The Onion as something legitimate. Last week the Times printed an article documenting the history of the squeaky-clean teen magazine Tiger Beat, and included a retrospective of past magazine covers. Unfortunately (or humorously depending on one’s perspective), in the collection they also included a parody cover created by The Onion, which featured President Obama.

Story here . Just gotta love The Onion sometimes.][img]

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I once heard a sermon in which an Onion article on J.K. Rowling was quoted as fact.

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I remember a preacher a few years ago using information from a forwarded email as a source, and it so happened that I had received the same email and looked it up on Snopes, and it was a scam of some kind. Oy vey.