Northwest Valley Baptist Church

It was good hearing Kevin's testimony in the news:


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This was my church for a long time till I moved here to the Twin Cities. My parents still attend. Pastor Waycaster was a great and Godly guy. He was very compassionate and deeply cared about the things of the Lord as well as caring about your earthly needs. As I look back now, I had the privilege to pray one summer with him most Wednesday nights while on summer break. In addition to caring about the things of the Lord, he also always had a big smile and a laugh that just made you feel good. I wish I could say I knew the other three guys as I knew Pastor Waycaster. The only thing I know about Bob was that he had a deep desire to follow after God. I remember during testimony time him sharing how he was trying to share the gospel. It wasn't grand or anything, just one guy sharing the love of Christ to others. From what my parents said, Garry was a great guy.

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I appreciated Bro Schaal's (sp) direct comment, to the news crew and onlookers: "No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Not any of you is guaranteed tomorrow."

"I pray to God this day to make me an extraordinary Christian." --Whitefield