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I live in Arkansas and there are not many Fundamental Churches in my area. I was wondering if there was any Fundamental magazines, newsletters, or monthly papers published other than the Sword of The Lord? Thanks for your help.

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  • Central Seminary publishes a weekly "In the Nick of Time". Each are reproduced on Sharper Iron
  • The Regular Baptist Press publishes the Baptist Bulletin. I consider this a first rate magazine and have been a subscriber for a number of years
  • Frontline is published by the FBFI. I am a new subsriber and have just received one copy so far. Looks very good with challenging articles.
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Thanks for the help Jim.

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Faith Baptist Theological Seminary (FBTS) of Ankeny, Iowa, publishes the Faith Pulpit, usually scheduled about every two months. Not a general interest magazine but thought provoking articles.

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The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals puts out Modern Reformation bimonthly. They wouldn't wear the Fundamentalist label, but you'll find a lot of points of sympathy with them. Contributors comprise a variety of confessionally conservative evangelicals--Baptists, Presbyterians, conservative Anglicans, Lutherans, et al.

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This publication is a lot more meaty than most Christian publications. I highly recommend it as well.

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Thanks for all the help! It is a dry and dusty land down here, this ought to keep me refreshed.