The Mother of Legalism: Rabbinic Judaism

As much as I love studying the Jewish Roots of Christianity, I have to admit that Judaism also can carry with it an absurd level of legalism. Compared to it, fundamentalist legalism is kid's stuff.

Look at this article about Kosher ELEVATORS and the debate about them. You won't believe it:

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This is true. I thought about this this summer when my daughter and dh came back from Israel after being there for a month. The orthodox Jews make even the strictest "legalistic" (as some would define it) person I know look like a liberal.

One of the things one of the Jewish girls couldn't do was pick up a digital camera that had fallen (in order to help a friend) on the Sabbath since it connects to a computer. I know they can't turn on a and "straining at gnats".

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Sounds strangely familiar ... like a fundamentalist discussion on music or any of a dozen other arguments.


The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him. ~ Proverbs 18:17

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Pushing a button to use an elevator is work, but walking up 10 flights of stairs is not?


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If they used the scientific definition of work, no one would be able to move. Wink

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Their problem is not legalism, their problem is salvation. I understand the point of the post but legalism in any form is wrong.