Miles Coleman

Hi everyone, please pray for my lifelong friend Miles Coleman. He's the son of Fred Coleman of the BJU music faculty. Miles was injured in a workout accident this morning. His skull is fractured and he was in an induced coma. He has recently awoken somewhat and has given signs that he's doing OK. Pray that he the blood clot on his skull won't move to his brain, that his fever will go down, and that his brain won't swell.

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Thanks for sharing that. Sang in a choir or two directed by Fred, though I don't think I've met Miles.

Praying tonight.

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That facebook page is the best place to get updates. I've known Miles all my life. He's a fighter. Recent signs are he'll do OK. He was able to name the current Republican challenger for the White House today. That's probably better than about 1/3 of the US population Wink