Member of Missionary Family Kidnapped

Please pray for the _______________ family (missionary friends to _______ ). I’ve removed particulars at the request of the family.


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Definately Praying!

Roger Carlson, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church

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I had to remove details from the OP while the crisis was still going on- the family feared the kidnappers would think they had contacted authorities if the incident were being talked about all over the internet.

Nehemiah Gomez (26) was kidnapped by the mafia in Mexico and held for ransom- apparently this is very common right now, as there is a huge power struggle going on between organized crime and the gov't in Mexico. There is corruption all the way up the ladder. The ransom was paid, but the kidnappers held Nehemiah for 3 more days before they released him last night. He arrived home safely this morning.

The entire family will probably relocate to Southern Texas- they have received death threats and it is just no longer safe for them to stay there. They will continue to minister in Mexico, I am sure, but they will at least have their families out of harm's way.

Thanks for praying for them during this time- and it reminds me that many of our missionary families serve in countries where they could face the same kind of danger at any time without the kinds of protection and the legal recourse we Americans take for granted.