Life update - PhD candidate

Hey SI friends,

Some of you who have known me for a while now may be interested to hear that I received an admission offer to PhD studies in church history at Princeton Theological Seminary. There is about a 99% chance I will be going. I just wanted to share this happy news. As always I appreciate your prayers. You can ask questions here or, if it's sensitive, through PM. 

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I love the passage, "rejoice with they who rejoice!" That is outstanding my man. My guess is they don't just let any "Tom," "Dick" or "Charlie" in that program - Good for you! - God bless! I pray you learn much and that you will be encouraged by the program.

As always.........Straight Ahead!


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That ought to be a fascinating experience... in multiple ways. Wish you well.

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I'll pray for both your educational horizons and your checkbook - both will probably be strained! Good luck to you, Charlie. 

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