Kevin Miller is in the hospital after being in a car accident

This is Kevin's 22 year old daughter posting this information.  My father asked me to post the info on a couple of the forums he frequently visits just to let everyone know what's going on with him.  A couple of weeks ago, on Sunday the 15th, my father, mother, and youngest sister were rear-ended by a drunk driver and were pushed into a ditch where they then hit and flew over a culvert.  They had been going about 55mph and this guy came up behind them going about 80-90mph, and his blood alcohol was at .22.  As of right now, my father is still in the hospital with his main difficulty being breathing properly due to broken ribs and bruised lungs (I will let him fill in details on his full condition if he so wishes when he get computer access).  He is doing very well considering the circumstances, but he is looking at a very long recovery and he is in constant pain even with the strong pain relievers.  Please pray for my father's recovery as well as for my mother and sister.  My mother broke her right forearm and has a fractured rib, and my sister thankfully came out of this all without any broken bones, but they all have a lot of muscular pain, and I'm sure there's a lot of whiplash-like injuries to the muscles.  Thank God for the miracle of their survival though! The paramedics felt sick when they saw the truck because they were sure they would be pulling out bodies.  The next few months are going to be tough to get through, but I'm just so thankful I didn't lose them.

A short article on the incident is here:

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for letting us know. Please convey my concern and and sympathy to your family. Will be praying for a quick recovery for everyone.

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Thanks to everyone for your prayers. I was released from the hospital today, but I will have to wear a back brace for several months whenever I'm out of bed. I'm doing okay with my mobility, but there are some nerve functions that are slow to come back. I really do appreciate the prayers that were sent on my behalf. God is so good.