'Independent Baptist Fundamentalism"

Treasure Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho is the largest independent Baptist Church in Idaho. The church seems to carry the flavor of Sword of the Lord mixed with an approval to Ruckman.

They showcase the Revival Fires! newspaper. I am on the mailing list, too.

Did you read one of the front page sermons advertised in the August 2009 newsaper? Dr. Randy Taylor, in his sermon, I Have Found the Book, is blowing smoke with both guns. I have to shake my head sometimes on what is currently preached in some Independent Baptist pulpits in America.

"Can a revival come to a church that teaches apostasy? I'm talking about the crowd that preaches a no blood redemption, the Benedict MacArthur crowd."

Dr. Randy Taylor is preachin', rantin', and ravin' like a wild man.

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O my goodness, I read about 1/2 of this article and then had to throw it in the trash it was so bad! I especially liked the deep theological insights Dr. Taylor had on John the Baptist. "Jesus didn't call him John the Methodist, or John the Lutheran, but John the Baptist." This is one branch of Fundamentalism we could all do without.

It was sad how he said that when he was saying "I found the book" he was talking about the "Old King James Bible." I would doubt many KJVO proponents would take it to that extreme of saying that what Hilkiah said would pertain to the King James Version. Ahh...the glories of sound exegetical hermeneutical preaching!

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I haven't read the article. Neither have I seen the paper in a long time.
That being said, it's interesting that I wrote about what appears to be some of the sermon's subject matter just this morning.
It can be read here. http://fundamentallychanged.wordpress.com/2009/08/31/transgressing-by-tr...
Our flavor of extremism in LA is different, though. It's about whether one can actually use a baptistery (after all, Jesus was baptized in Jordan), as well as questions about the righteousness of fellowship halls. Add that to KJVO'ism, Landmarkism, hair, pants, TV, and you name it.
It's a hard battle to fight to change the tide, retain what youth we have, and still keep one's sanity.