IBLP Board Places Bill Gothard on Administrative Leave

World Magazine is reporting that the IBLP board has placed Bill Gothard on administrative leave while they investigate charges of sexual harassment and misconduct.  

Recovering Grace site has referenced accounts of 34 young women who describe predatory behavior occurring over decades.


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My concern is that even if Bill Gothard steps down and retires, that his false doctrine will continue to be spread by his loyal followers who will never believe that he did any of this.  I first began to look closely at Gothard, not because of sexual allegations, but because a family that had been to his seminars had brought a bunch of false doctrine into the church.  If his replacement continues to argue that all debt is wrong, all Christians must circumcise their children, no teenage boy should talk to a teenage girl unless absolutely necessary, etc, etc, then we still have a problem that will continue to divide the church.