Homosexuality okay at my Church

Yesterday during a vote in my church to remove a Homosexual woman from membership 40% of the church voted to keep her as a member (which is what happened), and some of those on the deacon board suggested from the open mic that removing her would be moving the church in a Fundamentalist direction. I was so saddened by what happened yesterday. But the truth is that the senior pastor needs prayer, as I am sure there are those on the deacon board that want him out for preaching the Bible, and for suggesting this homosexual be removed from membership .

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In case any are not clear on why we "disappeared" the author's name on the thread: seems best in this case to avoid identifying the church.

As for "removing homosexuals" though, whether that's right or not kind of depends on several factors:
One factor is whether the term "homosexual" is being used to describe someone who accepts and approves of the behavior or simply someone who is susceptible to temptation in that area
Another is whether the person is repentant.
If the answer to first factor is that this is an area of struggle and the answer to the second is that she is repentant (if she has anything to repent of), it would not be biblical (or fundamentalist) remove her. (Of course, there could be additional complicating factors but I'm making some assumptions)

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since this isn't the first time the author is complaining about his church in public, i'm suspicious that this isn't the whole story. complaining to the whole world doesn't solve any problems.

what do i mean by not the whole story? well, there was an open mic. did the author take the opportunity to speak up about the issue before the vote?

is the church congregational? why have a vote if they're not, but if they are, why would 40% decide?

why is the fuss over membership? i assume this comes from some interpretation of matt 18, but the focus there seems to be starting over with evangelism, not removing a name from a list.

hopefully the author speaks through one of the mods instead of outing himself.

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By the way .... we want to keep the author anonymous at this time

I asked him

Is the woman a practicing lesbian?

He provided these details

Yes she is a practicing lesbian. She was brought under church discipline but refused to repent and turn. The church prayed for her, but she still refuses to repent. They had a vote yesterday and 40% of the church membership voted to keep her. The deacons are split in two on this issue.

AND (this answers the 40% question above)

Although 60% voted her off membership, the church bylaws says that they need a 2/3 vote to win, so she will remain a member of the church. Thats just so sad how someone that is a lesbian can be a member of a church.

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Nothing like parliamentary procedure to frustrate obedience to the Word of God (c.f. the battles for the Northern Baptist Convention back in the 20s and 30s).

When did obeying the clear commands of Scripture become a "Fundamentalist" issue? It's neutralizing by compromising.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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I would resign immediately. When does sin get voted on? The constitution of the church should say something about habitual sin causing a person to be removed from membership automatically. If the woman has been contacted by a member, then two or three members, and then brought before the church, then to me it is a no brainer. This church better get with God's program or He will take away their lampstand. They will become known as a church that condones homosexuality. Who knows where this will lead? Will adultery be acceptable next? What about gambling and drinking? Stories like this cause me to ask the Lord to come back sooner rather than later. I'm so glad I have read the back of the book and have found out that we win.

Don't be a great pastor, just be a pastor and let history judge for itself.

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One should hear God speaking in this matter. Forget about 2/3 rulings! If the elders together support the discipline, then it must be carried out. If some then leave, so be it, and the Lord will "honor them that honor Me", as He said. If they give in to the carnal saints then I would surely leave, for it is not showing to be a God-fearing and holy fellowship.

- BobL

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I agree. Church discipline is not something that you vote on. It is the responsibility of the elected leaders to teach, correct, reprove, rebuke, discipline, and expel those members of the Church which are living in sin, and who refuse to repent.

But moving beyond that point, the fact that 40% of the congregation voted to keep a non-repentant homosexual within the church, as a member, speaks poorly on the Preachers/Teachers in that congregation. It shows that they are not doing a good job at preaching sound doctrine and warning their members of sin.

If that happened at my Church, I would walk out, and not turn back. How can I possibly worship God in a Church where such immoral behavior is allowed to go on, and where the leaders care more about public opinion, than about obeying God's commands?