Getting Back Into Ministry, Part 2

Praise the Lord...again an answered prayer! As of yesterday, I have accepted a call to become an associate pastor at a church in Oakwood, GA! Lord willing, I will be helping with Spanish, Music, and Bible in their Christian School, and then overseeing youth and music ministries in the church...with a view to starting a Hispanic ministry in a year or so. The church is relatively small, but there is a lot of ministry potential and the area is primed for growth (the Gainesville area of GA is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the Southeast US).
Pray with us order to be there for the beginning of the school year we have a lot of things to do very quickly. Also, pray for my wife's job situation. My goal is to eventually have her back at home and helping in the ministry at the church, but the financial reality at this time is that she will need to continue to work. There is a very real potential that she can transfer her present job to an office located about 20 miles from the church. This means she would keep all her present benefits, etc., but nothing is sure quite yet...PRAY please that this happens.
Thank you in advance for your prayers!

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My wife did get the job with the same company she is working for right now! She will keep her benefits, etc.!
Still a lot of things to pray for---I forgot to mention in the first posting to pray for my two boys who still live with us. The oldest of them is a senior in high school. We are working hard to make sure they see the way God is guiding, but it still has to be hard on them. Pray for them, please.

Shawn Haynie