Getting Back Into Ministry

Well folks, it was 6 1/2 years ago that I asked prayer for a severe trial that I was undergoing regarding the ministry the Lord had given me in Chile, South America. The result of that trial was that our mission recommended we leave the field and move to Lafayette, Indiana to receive some counseling.
Then I asked for prayer about 3 years ago as my convictions led me to leave the church we were attending. God answered that prayer through a reply by one of the readers. That reply led us to a church where we have been fed and cared for and have had the opportunity to minister as well.
My pastor and I believe it is time for me to seek to get "back into the saddle" in full-time ministry. I have a passion for teaching and God has placed a great love for Hispanic people in my heart. If I had my way, I would like to become a part of a pastoral staff in a church that is seeking to start a Hispanic ministry. But, of course, sometimes our plans are not God's plans and I am open to any ministry that would make good use of the skills, talents, and gifts God has given me.
Please pray with me about this. And as I mentioned, a note sent by a brother on a previous topic I posted actually served to be the answer to that request...don't hesitate to leave a comment if God lays it on your heart.
Thank you so much.

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