The genius of "Dr.Pepper Ten"

No, this is not paid advertising but I just had to post somewhere how delighted I am to have discovered a diet pop ("coke" for you southerners and "soda" for the rest of you non-Michiganians) that actually tastes pretty good.
Last thing I tried was "Coke Zero"... half a can into the pack, I designated the rest for target practice (my son and I had a good time shaking them up and taking the BB guns to them)
At the time, I thought "I don't really need zero calories. I just don't want 120. Why doesn't someone go half way?"

So I was intrigued when I heard about Dr.Pepper Ten.... ten calories. Instead of 100% synthetic sweetener, it's a mix of natural and synthetic. And it does taste a good bit better. Now if they'd just go up another ten calories worth on the "real" stuff, the fake would be very nearly undetectable. Perfection.
Still, I think this case will not end up being target practice. Kudos to Pepsi Bottling Group.

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I think diet soda kind of misses the point of soda altogether. Biggrin Is there is one that sweetens using stevia? That stuff is natural and very tasty.

Me- I like Stewart's Root Beer . Diet schmiet. And Dr. Pepper tastes like cough syrup. You might as well just drink Vick's Formula 44. Bleah