Favorite Christmas-time meal

We eat our favorite meal on Christmas Eve, but this year we have to postpone it (kids won't be able to get here then).

It is:

Roasted, quartered duck, cooked on a rack, rubbed with kosher salt and caraway seeds

Bread dumplings (knedlicky)

Duck gravy (mushroom soup with a bit of duck grease and caraway seed)

Sweet and sour cabbage or sauerkraut


My sister (like me, of Slovak and Polish descent) always makes lasagna, and my wife's family (which is of Italian descent) made goulash (an Eastern European beef stew). Something is wrong with that equation. But, being from the Chicago area, everyone cooks "everyone else's" foods.

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We eat our favorite meals all the time, but I definitely do more baking during the holidays, and since there are more people around to experiment on, I try out more new recipes. Biggrin This year we are making a variety of cheesecakes. I'll let you know which one gets the most thumbs-up votes.