My church needs an evangelistic focus. We have none - to the point where we don't have Bibles for new visitors, tracts for members to give out, or any money budgeted for evangelism at all. We have no outreach ministries or programs. In short, we have nothing. I've been at this church for nine months. I spoke to the Pastor about this, and am basically starting this from scratch.

I've been a Pastor before. I know how to plan and do evangelistic events. I'm looking for ideas about how to help foster a culture of evangelistic zeal in a church that has none. I have my own ideas (and plan to get some stuff going very soon), but I'd like to hear about any success stories (or failures) you folks have had. Pretend this is a Pastor's fellowship meeting, and we're all gathered around a table. Let me know what you've tried, what you'd like to try, and what didn't work. For those who aren't Pastors, just come with any ideas you've had, or seen done well.

Anything would be appreciated. Smile


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