Common Grace and Social Studies

From a World Magazine commentary by Anthony Bradley-

Is it not possible that God, because of common grace, could use all of the above disciplines to teach Christians and non-Christians alike the truth about our world—the good, the bad, and the ugly? Taking common grace seriously means reading secular sources with discernment, keeping those insights that cohere with God’s truth and pitching those that do not.

How do you feel about the "eat the meat and spit out the bones" approach to secular materials?

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Sooner or later a bone get swallowed. And you never get all the meat off of the bones. You can crack a tooth on an unseen bone. There is more bones than meat sometimes. Eating around the bone is much slower. A boneless cut is a more valuable choice cut.
All true statements when talking about eating the good stuff and spiting out the rest.

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Where are the quality materials that are 'boneless'? We can agree that boneless is preferable (unless you want to make soup, and then bones are a good thing!) but why aren't the Christian doctors, scientists, and artists doing more producing and publishing? Or am I missing something? 'Cause I'd love to read some good materials by a Christian criminal psychologist, or a Christian astrophysicist.