The Christian Email Signoffs Debate

Hi All, I know SI's posts are mostly serious, academicly sharpening topics, but I thought this was a humorous post that might spark a lighter tone discussion, if interested. Smile

I'll start by saying I'm guilty of overusing the super Christian sign-off speak. Smile What's on your e-mail?

Blessings! Kim

PS__Some of the comments to this blog post are quite funny, as well. Smile

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The blog post and comments were very funny- I enjoyed them.

I would be among those that vary their signature/sign off according to the recipient and tone of the letter. Even then I don't usually use 'Christianese', but 'Sincerely, or 'Thanks', or 'Love'. Ditto with written communications.

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I'm a fan of not having a greeting or a sign-off in e-mail. Smile I thought that was one hallmark of e-mail: not having all the segments of a longer letter. But it depends on the subject and the recipient -- some call for a little more formality, or at least more than just a quick answer to a question.

E-mails to family and close friends are simply ended with "Love, Mom" or Love, Barbara." Most others I just sign with "Sincerely." Sometimes, "Thanks."