Chris Anderson open letter to BJU Trustees

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From FB:

LONG post warning! I love Bob Jones University. Love it. And I hate disunity in the body of Christ; I certainly don’t want to foster it. With both of those facts in mind, I have written a letter to the BJU Board of Trustees with some help from like-minded friends. We are inviting ministry leaders who are in agreement with the letter to join us as signers. The goal of the letter is to be intentionally gracious while also (1) expressing to the Board of Trustees why we believe Dr. Pettit is doing an exceptional job leading BJU, and (2) advocating for them to support his continued ministry. If you are a ministry leader (pastor, chaplain, missionary, etc.) who agrees with the sentiments expressed in the letter, please indicate your desire to have your name added by commenting with your NAME, MINISTRY NAME and LOCATION, along with any pertinent MINISTRY ASSOCIATIONS. And if you disagree with the letter, no worries at all; don’t sign it. (Please don’t let this thread devolve into accusations and debate. Let’s all be careful what we say, and be even more prayerful.) Grace to you, whatever your take on this important issue!