The Bear Facts

Here is the story about the bear in my photo

This is really not much of a story. Oct 1st was the first day of bear season in AR, and this was my first try at it. I was setting in a tree stand 15 yrds from a barrel of doughnuts on our 90 acre tract at day light. I set there all day without seeing any thing until about 30 min before dark. Then I noticed a bear about 50 yard behind me, as I watched him I saw an other bear to my right about 40 yards away and he was much bigger. With both bears so close I couldn't stand up to turn around for a shot, so I set with two bears to my back for 5 min. I slowly glanced over my left shoulder and noticed the smaller was 2 steps behind my tree looking up at me (about 15ft). He finally turned and walked toward the big bear, as he did I looked to my right and found the big one walking right under my stand toward the bait. I leaned as far forward as I could with my crossbow, the bear stopped at 4 yards with just enough light to see my pin I let the arrow fly. He turned around with a roar and began to bite at where the arrow hit him then ran 45yrds and died within 20 seconds.

By the time I lower my gear to the ground and climbed down it was pitch black. As I walked back to the truck to meet my hunting partner I saw that he was already there. He shot one that evening too. After we got both bears home we weighed them, mine weighed 263lbs and his 139lbs. After a few more pics we began to skin our first bears putting everything in the freezer. After that a hot shower, I laid down at 5:00am. (I had to be at work by 7:30)

I swore I would never kill another bear. It was to much work! A month of driving 90 miles twice a week baiting before season, for night of dragging and skinning till daylight. We call this fun? Well... we went next year and we each killed a bear on opening day. (His 500lb and mine only a 141lbs) I took the following year off, his 500 pounder wore us both out. Last year we each shot a 260lb bear and I think I am finally satisfied, I am no Davey Crockett.

That pic reminds me that deer and duck hunting are much more my speed.

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Pastor Harold:

Thanks for the great story. I guess the small bear ran way after you hit the large one? Still, I'd be a bit apprehensive to get down from the stand with the other one still around and it being dark.

I'm a bird/deer hunter myself, but I'd try for a bear if the opportunity arose.

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed reading it--just the thing as I leave the office for the day!

Just clinging to my guns and religion...