Baptist then Pentacoastal finally Methodist.

I grew up in a medium size Southern Baptist Church which had three paid ministers and a full time secretary plus some part time employees. When I was in High School I felt the call to preach and found a very small more fundamental SBC Church where my first Church had a Praise Band this one had a piano, while the first one used a variety of translations this one used just the King James Version for everything, and it's small size mean't just a part time pastor. This second Church however my senior year of High School is where I learned to preach and really grow in God's word. I served as a youth sunday school teacher my first two years of college as the Church grew in attendance until a Deacon got angry because his daughter was dating another youth in the class. This Deacon became unhappy that I didn't refuse to take the young man on youth events so he had me replaced as teacher by a brand new Christian. The man that replaced me later went back on drugs damaging that church but in the mean time I left hurt and bitter. When I transfered from Community College to University I moved into a dorm where I met a fellow student that was starting a Pentacoastal Ministry which was all African American but he invited me to take part. I helped in that Ministry on campus then also started preaching in a Pentacoastal Church between my home and the University on weekends. It was difficult for me as I never spoke in tongues, understood speaking in tongues, or the various gifts that the Church had but they were very loving people. When I moved back home to start my career I tried both Baptist and Pentacoastal Churches but found none that seemed to be right. One day I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper for a men's prayer group at the UMC beside the elementary school I attended growing up. From day one I knew I was at home in that Church and the Pastor soon affirmed my call by sending me to lay speaking classes and using me to Preach when he was out on leave following surgery etc. I've learned a great deal more about Theology being a Methodist and going through various cources as I've served in different roles in the UMC. My current Pastor has me serving in both a ministry and a behind the scenes supporting role and I'm considering becoming a Pastor myself as I approach turning thirty in the next several months. Thanks for the opportunity to share and looking forward to meeting others on these forums.

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