Any Linux users at SI?

I’ve just made the switch from Windows world to Ubuntu Linux on my PC… well, mostly. I still have alot of special purpose applications that can’t run in Linux and that I haven’t found suitable Linux equivalents for. (Libronix is one. So I run it in a VirtualBox… it’s Windows XP running under Linux).

Just curious if we have any other Linux users at SI.

(By the way, the whole process of switching is going much better than I anticipated. There is less and less reason to keep shelling out piles of $ for MS’s latest)

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I started using Linux about 4 years ago. On my job we supported Linux and I really did not understand it. I took a Red Hat administrators class. Then I cobbled together some old hardware that I found lying around work: an IBM thinkpad destined for recycling, an older monitor, etc. I assembled a Linux workstation and installed Suse Linux. At work we are either Suse or Red Hat. Along the way I bought a el cheapo tower PC and set up a Suse LInux workstation at home.

Now I use Ubuntu LInux on a netbook at home.

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i started using linux about 8 years ago when my computer was having problems and i tried out the linux cd that came with my motherboard. it turned out that my hard drive was failing and it got to the point where not even linux could cope with it anymore. after i got a new hard drive, i started multi-booting, tried out several distributions and eventually settled on debian. i still have a windows partition, but only go there once or twice a month.

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My HDD crashed on Monday night, so I pulled out my Ubuntu live distro CD and tried to boot off of it. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into linux, but I guess this is my impetus to give it a try [once the new HDD arrives this week ].

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I have been using Linux now for two years. I am running it on three different machines, all Ubuntu. Running 8.10 Server Edition on a cheap 20$ tower (1 ghz, 256mb ram, 40gb hdd, and works flawlessly), 9.04 on my wifes (switchover worked perfectly for her), and 9.04 UNR on my netbook.

On one of my work trips I got talking about it with a guy at the plant who was looking to get a machine for his daughter for school. He had two concerns, he wanted an ability to control her inet use, and it also had to run on an old machine. I advised checking out Ubuntu Christian Edition (UCE) since it comes standard with firewall preconfigured and with parental control. He wrote me a few weeks afterwards and said the switchover to it was flawless and his daughter was using it.

Aaron, you know about aptitude, correct? (aka: apt and synaptic package manager) Just asking because a guy I know had been using it for a while and was very frustrated because he thought he had to compile and package every application he wanted.

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Oh yeah!
One of the first things I did, when I put Ubuntu on my old laptop (thought I'd experiment there first) was mess it up installing stuff incorrectly... but it only took about an hour to figure out that Aptitude, Synaptic and the repositories are the way to go! (With few exceptions)

My bro Aric's been saying "go Linux" for years, so I've finally gone and done it. Still a good bit of learning to do since I never just "use" a computer. I always have to get under the hood and break things.
So I'm imaging my drive pretty often with CloneZilla so I can get back to normal quickly if I really mess things up.

Edit: Shouldn't Christian Ubuntu be called "Koinonia" or something? Smile ("Ubuntu" is a name for some strongly humanistic African ethical philosophy or something I think)

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I have been playing around with Ubuntu on a laptop that was given to my wife. Recently I came across Linux Mint which is based on Ubuntu. The newest release is called "Gloria." It is also what I call my wife, probably becasue that is her name. I installed it and promptly forgot the password I had created so sometime this week I will have to reinstall it and then write the password down.

The biggest problem I have had is getting my LinkSys wireless USB adapter to connect.

What is anyone using for an anti-virus on Linux?

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JohnBrian wrote:
What is anyone using for an anti-virus on Linux?
don't need one. for many reasons, viruses are almost entirely a microsoft problem.