Another Reason I'm not a Pastor

I think I misunderstood a key question when taking the Which-Theologian-Are-You Quiz

You Scored as Karl Barth, the daddy of 20th Century theology. You perceive liberal theology to be a disaster and so you insist that the revelation of Christ, not human experience, should be the starting point for all theology. Karl Barth 80% Martin Luther 73% John Calvin 67% Jonathan Edwards 60% Anselm 53% Friedrich Schleiermacher 40% Augustine 33% Jürgen Moltmann 13% Paul Tillich 13% Charles Finney 0%
Hey, at least the reformers are up there and Finney is a 0%.

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I wouldn't read too much into it. I scored a tie between Barth and Anselm (100%). But the funny part was the tie for second (67%) between Luther, Calvin and - Schleiermacher, the Father of modern liberal theology. Never saw that coming.

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?

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I did not like the wording on some of the questions. But for what it's worth this is my "score".

Karl Barth
Martin Luther
John Calvin
Jürgen Moltmann
Charles Finney
Jonathan Edwards
Paul Tillich
Friedrich Schleiermacher

It's funny, my family came from Germany, and from the same area as Martin Luther. The Lutheran Churches kept excellent records.

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If I remember right from my contemporary theology class, Barth's definition of revelation is pretty substantially different from the way we would use it, which would explain how so many of us scored as Barth; I had originally scored a perfect 100% for Barth. Revelation, according to Barth, is more than just the provision of God's Word to us in the canonical Bible.

That being said, I retook the quiz today and scored a 100% with Anselm, which makes me feel a little better now. Wink

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I wonder how Luther, Calvin, etc. would have scored if they took the test?

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