Should be there an age limit for president?

Choice one means no one (say past 70) can run for president, no matter if it is a first or second term. The second choice means no on past a certain age (say 70) could run for first term, and no one past say 74 could run for a second term.

The current presidential election is quite a match up. A reductionist might say it is choosing between a candidate who is becoming mentally feeble and a convicted felon. Both men could become mentally impaired before their terms are up and their average age is about the average age for a man to die in America.


My preferred candidates for GOP nomination (with user Poll)

Just read a review of Nikki Haley’s weekend townhall with CNN. She said some encouraging things.

At the moment, these are the candidates I’d like to see get the GOP nomination, in order of preference:

  1. Tim Scott
  2. Mike Pence
  3. Nikki Haley
  4. Chris Christie
  5. Ron DeSantis

A certain former President is intentionally omitted from any position on my list.


Are you considering voting for a third party candidate?

There is a lot of talk about Christians examining the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party as possible voting choices. Assuming it is Trump Vs. Clinton (and it is too early to assume that for certain, but we will assume this for purposes of this poll), what are your thoughts about voting 3rd party? A wasted vote? A statement? A possible win?

Poll Results

Are you considering voting for a third party candidate?