In your understanding of the Torah, were the Jews concerned with remaining ritually clean typically?

E/P. Sanders (who has some good point and some not so good ones, IMO) suggests that the average Jewish person (during the time of the first and second temple) was not concerned about being ritually clean on a daily basis, but only when going to the Tabernacle/Temple or for the Festivals.

What is your understanding of this? It makes a big deal of difference when trying to understand the Book of Leviticus, for example.


Should We Ease Off on Hard Drug Sentencing?

Note: We are not talking about Marijuana in this poll, but hard drugs (cocaine, heroin, meth, crack) or illegally obtained prescription drugs and other drugs.

According to Pew reserach,


Does your church have a coffee bar?

I am not asking if your church offers coffee, but does it offer expresso, latte, etc? Wondering how widespread this is, and how it is correlated to city/rural.

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Does your church have a coffee bar?