Is it sinful to play the lottery?

Gambling has long been taboo in Christian circles. The issue, however, is not addressed very often in our day, except maybe under the category of addictions. But what of the occasional gambler? Can Christians go to Vegas and play the slots with a clear conscience?


Do you believe it is right or wrong for Christians to play the lottery?

With an over $1 billion dollar jackpot in Indiana, people are buying more lottery tickets than ever.

What do you think about the ethics of this?

I think many of us would argue that it is money wasted and not wise, but there is a difference between our opinion as to what is wise and what is right or wrong. After all, people waste money on all sorts of things.

Would you disqualify one from church leadership for buying a lottery ticket?

So where do you stand?


Is it okay for Christians to play poker?

Poll Results

Is it okay for Christians to play poker?

Yes Votes: 3
Yes, as long as there is no substantial amount of money on the line. Votes: 1
Yes, as long as there is no money on the line. Votes: 4
No Votes: 4