Which best describes your view about predestination, election and damnation?

I believe everything is predestined.
22% (5 votes)
I believe some things are predestined and describe my view as double predestination (lost are predestined to be lost).
9% (2 votes)
I believe that the elect are predestined to be saved, but preterition for the lost (simply not choosing them).
35% (8 votes)
I do not believe individuals are chosen for salvation, although God knows in advance who will believe.
22% (5 votes)
I am undecided or choose not to go there.
4% (1 vote)
9% (2 votes)
Total votes: 23
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Definite Universal Atonement unto Resurrection

This thread was created as an offshoot to my comment made in this thread (about 1 Jn 2:2). I've opened this thread for purposes of any continued discussion/questions of my views.

Let me first copy the bulk of my previous main comment here, along with two answers I've already provided as a starting point.

*** Begin copy of my original comment (with a few extra links back to the originating post) ***

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What is a Calvinist?

I know what I learned at Faith Baptist Bible College.  I know what Ryrie says in Basic Theology, and I know what my professors taught me.  But people that I KNOW are saved (as much as anybody can really know about someone else) tell me Calvinism is wrong.  They describe TULIP and they seem to twist the meanings into doctrines I don't believe, so I think, "Am I really a Calvinist?" 

Background here.


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Particular Baptists, Assurance, 5 point Calvinists, Missions, etc.

Here's the thread to really get our blood pressure up .... Particular Baptists, Assurance, 5 point Calvinists, Missions, etc.

  • Who's a 5 pointer and why?
  • Do you believe in evangelism? I mean practice it! You share the gospel (yes or no). And how often?
  • Are you a 5 pointer and believe in missions?

Finally:  What is your assessment as to what schools have a Calvinistic bent, allow it, forbid it, teach it, disavow it, etc.

Starting this thread because I thwared the discussion of this on the DBTS and remote training filing

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