Biblical Authority

Is "what the Bible says" still the top criteria in Conservative Evangelical/Fundamental Christianity in the West?

Yes, what the Bible says is still the main criteria. Maybe you're in a bad mood.
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It has changed, but not as much as you suggest. Get over it.
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No, "what the Bible says" is no longer the main criteria, and I approve the change. So there.
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"What the Bible says" has never been the main criteria, only the supposed criteria.
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On paper, the Bible is still the main criteria. In practice, it has changed. I am unhappy about that.
50% (7 votes)
It has changed in conservative evangelicalism, but not fundamentalism.
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Undecided or weighing it at the present. And keep your moods to yourself!
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Total votes: 14
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Is the Bible the only rule for faith and practice?

It used to be considered a Baptist Distinctive: The Bible is the only rule for faith and practice.

It seems from some recent discussions that this foundational principle has been thrown under the bus of Culture.

Is the Bible sufficient to guide Believers today?

Are there sufficient Scriptural statements, principles and precepts to judge culture, movements within Christianity, music, Christian Character, doctrine as well as doctrinal deviation?

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