What is Foundations Baptist Fellowship International?

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What is Foundations Baptist Fellowship International?



I would say it is basically accurate. Two mild critiques:

  1. A few years ago, we changed from Resolutions to Position Statements. I forget the exact year, but I'd say that was about 5 years ago. Anything prior to that would be a Resolution, anything afterwards would be a Position statement. While we don't think our statements are inspired, we state that the views expressed are the consensus of the board at the time they are issued. It is a way for us to speak to our society. We would acknowledge that over time, understanding or circumstances may warrant a change in wording or adjusting positions. Having said that, I think the young fellow offers a fair representation of the FBFI.
  2. Using FrontLine to define the FBFI would be less authoritative, as FrontLine (and P&D) are vehicles we use for individuals to speak to the FBFI as well as to the public. The documents there are not official positions, though the ones the videographer cited would generally be representative of FBFI views.

The site seems to be a handy resource if you want to understand any denominational group in America. Quite a lot of work to get accurate info on these, he seems to have doe the work in this case. Might be worth perusing others if you run into a group he's covered that you aren't familiar with.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3