Josh McDowell: "The last four major studies show there's no difference between evangelical fundamental born-again Christian kids and the average secular kid"

Quoted in the Christian Post

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shocking quote, but does anyone know which studies he's referring to?

also i would be really surprised if 91% of christian youth believed there was no such thing as truth in any form or that 94% of american youth believed there was no such thing as truth. it seems like the studies are either asking poor questions or their results are being misinterpreted/oversimplified by reporters.

as far as youth in bookstores, the last time i was in barns & noble, there were plenty of young people. the last time i was in a christian book store (national chain), there were plenty of youth.

independent christian booksellers shouldn't be comparing themselves with national chains or internet-only stores. they should be comparing themselves with other independent bookstores. i suspect if they did this, they'd find that independent bookstores of all kinds are having problems, and it has nothing to do with youth believing in the existence of truth. here's just the first news story i found – the uncertain fate of independent bookstores – about an independent bookseller in california.