"Blessing the facts," evangelical scientists urge Congress to reduce carbon emissions

“The 200 signatories said they aim to bridge the gap between science and religion. …. The biggest thing I hope to see is that people realize how the evangelical voice is more modern and nuanced

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I see that those who signed the petition include faculty from Cornerstone, Cedarville, and Bob Jones University.

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I looked up the group that wrote a declaration against this letter. Something I notice is the predominance of theology and philosophy guys, and only a handful of scientists actually in the most pertinent fields. Most of the Cornwell scholars are drawn from peripheral fields, such as chemistry, physics, and economics. It seems that the letter wins on both quantity and quality.


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The article supporting this letter says,

"The letter cites climbing global temperatures, droughts, wildfires and "once in a lifetime" storms that became the new normal last year as strong signals for urgent action."

New normal? There have always been bad storms, wildfires, droughts and temperature fluctuations. Its called living in a broken world marred by sin. These sort of phenomenon have happened long before humans began burning fossil fuels. But the idea that evangelicals would petition the government to take action? They want the government to "fix" what arguably isn't broken, even though this same government has already put the country 17 trillion into debt trying, but failing to "fix" things?

Al Gore called for "urgent action" 13 years ago, indicating that unless urgent action was taken, it would be too late, the world would be a goner in 15 years. Its now only 2 years left in his prediction. I am surprised that so many evangelicals would take this on as a part of their mission.