Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International (FBFI) Conference Audio

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If you don't have time for all, I would recommend you check out at least these three (and Dr. Nelson's messages as well.)

But Continue Thou -Brent Floyd
Endeavoring to Keep the Unity of the Spirit -Tim Berlin
The Heart of a Young Fundamentalist -Jeremy Sweatt

The conference was really outstanding. Glad I could attend.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

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You can't just promote a Chuck Phelps workshop without commentary here. Doesn't separation mean anything? Or does a website or fundamentalist forum have no call to separation from unrepentant brothers?

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Moderator's Note: Please reserve this thread for discussion of the FBFI conference and sessions. This is not intended to be a another Phelps & Tina Anderson thread so please steer clear of that topic. It has been (and can be) discussed elsewhere at SI.

Also remember that filings are not promotions or endorsements. The filings at SI are items of news or interest from a wide range of places and about a wide range of topics.

Though Dan's comments have an "edited by" tag, they were not changed in anyway. They were temporarily unpublished to consider the direction of this thread.