Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?

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I also agreed with Mr. Snoeberger on the majority of his comments in it.


One that particularly stood out: " But I can’t shake the feeling that the theological supports woven into the narrative are so rotten that the Gospel is in imminent danger of being lost to our own Western version of syncretism: you can be right with God and retain the personalized, man-centered, existentialist, and culture-affirming worldview of your choice. " Also, this: " This has been Billy Graham’s legacy. So long as one is able to carefully articulate the sinner’s prayer and leave the world a better place, little else matters. " No wonder why many people have determined Billy Graham as a false teacher.


In the comments section:


John T. "Jack" Jeffery: " Thank you for posting this. Your critique may certainly not be popular, but was definitely on target. I would add the following in response to your post:

1. You focused on the content of his recent message related to those in the past. I add that his ministry has been done in an ecclesiastical context that intentionally “made an end run around the local church”. In doing so the endorsements explicit or otherwise of heretical denominations was consistent with the compromised Gospel message.

2. It is an acknowledged factor in American ecclesiastical history that Graham stands in the train of Charles G. Finney. He “fine tuned” not only Finney’s methods, but also the theology that drives those methods. The “message” of the methods was also consistent with the diluted Gospel and compromising alliances.

3. Given the compromising alliances involved, and the confusing dilution of the Gospel in both content and methods, it might be more accurate to affirm that “…many people have been saved *in spite* of the ministry of Billy Graham”, rather than “through”.

Once again, thank you for speaking out. Too few do these days, and even fewer are hitting the target as you do. I for one appreciate it. "


Well said, IMO.