Mohler, Mormons, and Militancy

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I agree that Mohler said some worthwhile things in his speech at BYU.  Apparently, Bauder gives him a pass in going there because Mohler did not see himself in the capacity of a representative of Baptist thought, but  rather as a spokesman for religious liberty.  He might have made that a little clearer because I believe that BYU invited him there in his role as a noted Baptist leader for whatever benefit they might extract from his participation.  To his credit, he did distinguish what he believed on essential differences with Mormonism and in well-spoken phrases, which doubtless the sponsors would not appreciate.  One thing all Baptists have consistently believed is that "even though we disagree with the opinions of another person, we would die to defend their right to believe it. 

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dmyers wrote:

Good for Bauder.  Shame on the FBFI.

Amen! I expect that the possibility exists that the FBFI will now disagree with Bauder's assessment.

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