Anatomy of a malicious lie


The logic of it...

I don't follow Lou's thinking here, which is why I stayed out of this when Lou cc:'d me on the original emails to SI leaders.

Either Calvary had a conviction against inviting Haddon Robinson, or it did not.
If they did, they would not have invited him.

If they did not have such a conviction, then the choice to invite him was probably based upon a decision-making process, in which they decided the positive benefits of inviting him outweighed the negative attention it would bring.

Their choice suggests that they decided the positives outweighed the negatives, and do not have a conviction against inviting him.

If that is the case, they should be glad that attention is being given to their invitation.
Thus, they would be fine with the journalism side of SI publishing the news.
Thus, SI would not be trying to bow to pressure from them not to publish.

And SI did publish it, when they got around to it.

Sometimes, people doing different things from us isn't a conspiracy. Sometimes, it's that they think differently about it. Or time, or inertia, or priorities caused them to move more slowly.

Also noting that

cc:ing an email is only proof that an email was sent. It is not proof that an email was read.

I would also think that being intentionally deceitful for the purposes of sowing discord would be grounds for separation from a disobedient brother.


DavidO wrote:
as if on cue . . .


Naaa. I just don't think it works logically.

It's easy when your loyalty is to a movement to see conspiracies among those who do things that are not favorable to the movement.
I don't think such conspiracies exist -- just differences of opinion. I'm not saying there are not rights and wrongs to these issues. I'm saying they come by the differences in a sincere manner, not a sinister one. Well, usually.


DavidO wrote:
I was entirely joking.

Sorry. Was just in a serious mood (for almost the first time in my life).

Very Sad

Lou Martuneac's rant concerning Calvary Seminary's invitation of Haddon Robinson is quite sad. Unfortunately, much of American Fundamental Christianity has hardened into a mostly intolerant form: "It's just you and me, brother, and I'm wondering about you." One wonders if Lou is what a prominent talk show host describes as a "seminar caller."

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