Mark Driscoll isn't my Pastor

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Great article.  The point is to be satisfied with your local church and not try to imitate another, or have an agenda to conform it to some model (apart from God's Word and his specific leading).

This sort of reminds me of that great book, "Accidental Pharisee."

Sometimes men compare other women (how they perceive them to be, that is) to their wives and say, "you ought to be more like so and so."  Women compare their husbands to men (how they perceive them to be), and say, "you ought to be more like so and so."

Christians can be as bad or worse, especially in our fad-like personality-driven culture. The "I am of Paul..." syndrome has conquered a good chunk of Christianity, IMO.

Anyone know anything about this blog and who publishes it?  I would like to maybe get permission to include this article in our church newsletter.

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