Should Adulterous Pastors Be Restored?

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John Gibson's death should be a note to us all not rush to judgment.  This man took his own life over a moral failure that we all could have been guilty of.  If he was not a Pastor this would have meant nothing to an employment.  It would have been considered a personal matter.  I think Sharper Iron and other Christian outlets should put out a statement to Pastors saying we as Christian Brothers are behind you and were ready to help you through this problem.  This should not have happened this ma.  He still had a lot to live for and the Lord can still use him in one way or another. John Gibson must have felt he had no one to turn to discuss this with.  Aaron and Jim maybe one of you could get a phone line and encourage Pastors to contact one of you if they are in a crisis.  Just a thought. I would be more than happy to contribute to this and I'm sure the other people on SI would.  My heart goes out to this family my opinion is in these situations if the Pastor admits his guilt and seeks restoration then the church or college should help him and his family,  He may not be able to be a Pastor or Teacher for now or forever, but should be helped to make the transition as much as possible so the situations like John Gibson don't happen.  This is personal for me my father committed sucide and use to threaten it every day.  My last words to him in a moment frustration were go ahead and the next day he hung himself.  These matters run through me like finger nails across a chalk board,

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This indeed is tragic and my heart breaks for everyone involved. 

Having watched the scenario of pastors committing adultery (I purposely avoid using the word "fall"), I continue to be concerned that, in almost every case. there needs to be a Nathan to accuse the guilty which implies that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit alone is not enough.

I like this hymn by Wesley:

I want a principle within of watchful, godly fear,
A sensibility of sin, a pain to feel it near.
I want the first approach to feel of pride or wrong desire,
To catch the wandering of my will, and quench the kindling fire.

From Thee that I no more may stray, no more Thy goodness grieve,
Grant me the filial awe, I pray, the tender conscience give.
Quick as the apple of an eye, O God, my conscience make;
Awake my soul when sin is nigh, and keep it still awake.

Almighty God of truth and love, to me Thy power impart;
The mountain from my soul remove, the hardness from my heart.
O may the least omission pain my reawakened soul,
And drive me to that blood again, which makes the wounded whole.

"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan