Is Evangelicalism Due for a Hundred-Year Schism?

"The specific issues are many, some comparatively new (critical race theory, former President Donald Trump), some all too familiar (racism and race relations beyond the one theory, roles of women, sexual ethics, Christian nationalism, church handling of abuse), all with a political edge." - C.Today

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This was a fine read and made some interesting points.  I especially appreciated the optimistic ending.

"The Midrash Detective"

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I will say right now the curtain on the Christian Right is about to be pulled back on the Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) of the SBC and Liberty University.  Both are in the TRUMPER CULT and lean toward Doiminionism ie A Christian Caliphate with Trump being their Mullah.

 Rachel DeHollander is going to oversee the SBC investigation which appears to target the CBN Leaders on the Executive Committee. So much so that SBC Mega Church Pastor Ronnie Floyd has Lawyered up. It didn't help that STONE went out and verbally attacked Victim Hannah Kate at the SBC Conference after he lost the SBC Presidential Vote.  This coming investigation could be very daming to the CBN Pastors and others.  I consider the CBN the Paige Patterson Club and the Trump Wing of the SBC.  If you don't know the Hannah Kate Williams horrific story I encourage you to seek it out.  It tops them all what these Monsters have done and they keep uncovering more Pastors these dudes protected.    

Now Liberty is facing a lawsuit by 12 Women who when they were Liberty Students they were raped on campus and Liberty protected their Rapists to include a gang rape.  Their actions directly lead to the birth of a Serial Rapist and Killer Liberty could have stopped and had imprisoned.  Very sad.   This curtain will be pulled back.   

Again Bob Jones University has proven by Biblical principles of confessing your sin and repenting our Lord will bless you and make you prosper.   So good things can come out of following the Lord and lead to a renewed rebirth.  To bad MacArthur didn't  stay with his Former Bob Jones Man Masters might have benefited   

I believe that the Christian Right churches have pushed the young away from the church In fact if they are going anywhere they are going to the Mainline Congregations   They are actually growing again  I think Pastor Robert Schenk s Former Abortion Crusader and Friend of Roy Moore represents the change of RUNNING from the Christian Right   If you read his testimony it was the gun issue that started him down the path of fleeing the Christian Right   Like me he considers that part of Evangelicalism as hypocrites   Not all but some   

I still have hope and believe in what the writer has said   New things will sprout   We have watched it occur at Bob Jones University, which to me is the biggest and best example   I hope they greatly prosper from it  So those changes are occurring just not always seen  

My brother as an SBC church Pastor saw a church plant down by Charleston University in Charleston renting facilities of a historic African American Church of only 40 members left combine with that church to form a whole new church   So it's happening here and there   


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A lot of these Upper Afghanistan Leaders hold two passports.  They came to Afghanistan to steal as much as they can and head back to their other Country.  I believe that One War Lord Dost originally grew up in Allentown, PA and returned to Afghanistan to fill his father's shoes.  Dost might even be an American Citizen.  The Town Dost was in gave up without a fight.  Dost and another War Lord skated out of town before the Taliban could catch them.   I'm sure he'll return to Allentown PA with the money he has stolen.  

Allentown PA is an interesting place.  It has the largest Syrian population in the US.  All Eastern Orthodox Christians.