A Mischievious Thorn in the Side of Conservative Christianity

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Hoping to shed more light than heat..

Reminds me of little so much as the statistics professor back at Michigan State who delighted in little more than harassing street evangelists outside Wells Hall while I was there, or the guy at Colorado who made a retirement career of writing letters to the editor against faith. I once nailed him by simply responding with the full context of a Greek philosopher he’d been quoting, since that context (Demosthenes commenting on the nature of Greek gods if I remember correctly) more or less led Demosthenes to the concept of a transcendent, almighty Creator. He actually admitted to me that that was a stroke of art on my part, or more properly on Demosthenes’ part. :^)

More or less, what they’re doing is pretending to be a Dempsey, Louis, or Tyson while sparring with the likes of me. whoop-di-do. Next thing you know they’ll be beating me at free throws or the high jump.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.