ChristianMingle Lawsuit Forces Site to Add Options for Gay Dater

"For the first time in 11 years, same-sex couples can find 'God’s match for you' on the site."

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But this is where our culture is headed.  And I keep reminding myself that it was worse under Nero when Paul wrote most of the NT, but now I'm starting to question even that.  

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The two big "Christian" dating services, ChristianMingle and eHarmony, are both really secular companies--look up Spark Networks for a very broad list of other dating services they provide.  LDS, the whole nine yards, really.  So they couldn't even do a "Hobby-Lobby-like" defense of what they were doing because...well...they were really already doing it.

My first thought was they could just leave the California market, but...let's be fair here...they'd just see the lawsuit migrate to the other 49 states.  So it was either leave the market entirely or capitulate.

I think the big thing that's happening that's even worse, though, is that we're learning more and more about homosexuality, but stating the obvious--even that 2/3 of HIV infectees are men who have had sex with men--is becoming difficult.  But if we love the homosexual, we've got to warn him somehow.

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With all due respect to those who do manage to "read between the lines" to find real love on dating sites, clown dating is really not a bad picture of the whole industry.  All the psychological research in the world really can't insulate a person from the probability that the person on the other end of the line is lying.

And Joe:  I think my wife might joke at times that she accidentally found me through such a site.  Thankfully she's awfully nice about the matter.  :^)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Next thing you know they're going to make accept profiles for "city-folk."

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