Christian publisher Tyndale House distances self from Mark Driscoll

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Good for them. I thought this was interesting:

Tyndale House confirmed to The Daily Beast that it does not plan to reprint Driscoll’s 2013 book, A Call to Resurgence, and have put his forthcoming book, The Problem with Christianity, on hold."

Is Driscoll writing an autobiography now?

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He is divining some sort of distancing between Tyndale and Driscoll, but it's merely his interpretation of incidents. He might be on to something, but his blog shouldn't be taken as anything official revelation. The filing title is perhaps misleading. I, for one, would be glad to see such a slow down. Maybe after some time away from big platforms there might emerge a better version of Driscoll one day. Maybe.

Note this follow up post at The Christian Post:

M. Scott Bashoor Happy Slave of Christ

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Jul 01, 2014

On June 30th, erroneous reports appeared on The Daily Beast and other Internet sites about the nature of Tyndale House’s publishing relationship with Pastor Mark Driscoll and the Resurgence imprint. Despite claims to the contrary on social media and elsewhere, Tyndale is not cutting any ties with Pastor Mark Driscoll. In fact, we are planning to reprint the hardcover edition of his last book, A Call to Resurgence as sales warrant it (which is how all reprint decisions are made). We also plan to publish a softcover edition of A Call to Resurgence.  

Furthermore, Tyndale is not severing our relationship with Resurgence Publishing, as some Mark Driscoll critics have claimed. We look forward to continuing to publish books that the Resurgence team brings to Tyndale House. 

Finally, while we did delay the publication date of Mark’s latest book, The Problem with Christianity, as we look for the best season in which to publish it, we have not altered our full intention to release it as a Tyndale title. This is a groundbreaking book that we believe will be greatly beneficial to the Church. 

It is disturbing to us to see how quickly some are willing to criticize fellow Christians. We believe that God works through all who sincerely desire to serve Him. We believe Mark Driscoll sincerely desires to serve God, and we at Tyndale continue to support him and his desire to further God's Kingdom.