Ten Lessons from the Tullian Tchividjian Confession

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Well, so much for the irenic tone we managed to adopt the day the news broke.  I guess 3 days is the max we can hope for before we start throwing around the "I told you so's" that of course it was TT's theology of grace that resulted in his wife's and his affairs.  Look out, next thing you know Steve Brown, Jerry Bridges, Michael Horton, et al. will announce that they're homosexuals.  Or maybe transgendered.

Absolute illogical and contra-factual bunk.  Does anyone here know Jordan Standridge personally?  Would you mind giving him a (loving) smack upside the back of his head the next time you see him?  Thanks.

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DMyers, what part of the article did you disagree with? Which parts are "absolute illogical and contra-factual bunk"?

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How about point # 1, "Your theology matters."  As was acknowledged in the earlier thread, pastors' affairs are all too common in all strands of fundagelicalism, including the strands that would agree with TT's theolgoy of grace and the strands that would disagree.  The author's linking of TT's theology and his affair is plainly illogical and contr-factual.  Do I need to elaborate more?

Also, this line is a gross distortion of TT's theology:  "When you have a system in place that teaches you that you cannot tell a guy who is looking at pornography to stop, or that you cant tell someone who hits his wife that he must stop beating her you are building an environment that is powerless against sin."  I've read quite a bit of TT's writing, both books and blog posts, heard him speak in person, and listened to quite a few podcasts.  He has never even remotely taken the positions attributed to him here.  Generously, this is a straw man argument.  Frankly, it's a lie.

I'm glad to see that this posting hasn't prompted a single endorsing comment.