Ten Facts You Should Know about the Southern Baptist Convention

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Much not to like - think the politics in the McRaney firing

Another: the missionary under the CP program is not as accountable to the local church in contrast with independent church movement

What to like:

  • Subsidies for higher education &
  • Some who are poor fundraisers and would likely be unable to raise funds in independent church movement, end up being great missionaries when funded by CP (I have a friend who would fit this category)
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There are pluses and minuses with both the SBC way of doing missions, and the independent way of doing missions. 

Advantages of SBC International Missions:

Missionaries don’t have to worry whether their financial support is coming each month.  SBC missionaries are guaranteed their salaries and retirement. 

There is oversight with SBC missionaries.  With some independent missionaries, they are on their own for long periods of time with no checks or oversight.  Some have abused that. 

But, this is not meant as a condemnation of either.  Again, there are advantages and disadvantages both ways.  

By the way, some Southern Baptists, individuals and churches, also support independent missions.  They are free to do either, or both. 

David R. Brumbelow