Noah's Ark collides with Coast Guard ship in Oslo harbor

an NCG ship not a USCG cutter unvolved.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

How the real ark didn’t get hit and sunk. After all, there had to be a lot of stuff floating around!

Another work of God’s providence and protection!

Regarding Steve’s point, it’s worth noting that this ark, judging by its weight (about 2500 tons), would have a draft of less than 1 meter—it’s built impossibly lightly for what the real ark would have had to do. This is why it’s on a barge instead of floating on its own. Does fine on the canals of the Netherlands, not so hot with real waves and such.

I would guess that a real ark would have a displacement more like this similar sized ship, the USS South Carolina, and at 6-15x the weight would have been a little more robust versus the debris that one would find on the seas. Real world examples of such large ships would be Zhang He’s treasure ships of the 12th century, as well as large ships made in the 19th century to be sailed once to England to escape punitive tariffs.

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