Kansas City Archdiocese boots Girl Scouts, calls group reflective of 'troubling trends'

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“No Girl Scout cookie sales should occur in Catholic Schools or on parish property after the 2016-2017 school year,” he said in a letter to priests in January.

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.....note here that what the archdiocese of Kansas is doing is responding to information like this about connections between the Girl Scouts and pro-abortion activism.  Yes, it is real, and yes, it is a deal killer for dads like me as I consider what organizations my daughters may take part in.  Cookies, not so much, as I learned years back that thin mints (the only edible Girl Scout cookie IMO) make my eyes swell. 

But really, what needs to happen as a whole is that pro-life churches need to exercise church discipline on members who partner with pro-abortion groups.   Why Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, the Kennedys, and the like get a pass on this is beyond me.

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