Pastor Darrin Patrick Fired From The Journey Megachurch; Resigns From Acts 29 for 'Historical Patterns of Sin'

Pastor Darrin Patrick Fired From The Journey Megachurch; Resigns From Acts 29 for 'Historical Patterns of Sin'

Leadership update

In recent weeks, allegations of pastoral misconduct regarding Pastor Darrin Patrick were made and confirmed. These actions, combined with a historical pattern of sin, led to the heartbreaking decision to remove Pastor Darrin from his role at The Journey and require him to step down from all internal and external leadership positions. The accusations were not of adultery, but his behavior violates the high standard for a pastor/elder.

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The initial and now confirmed accusations were not of adultery but did violate the high standard for elders in marriage through inappropriate meetings, conversations, and phone calls with two women. (I Tim. 3.2). Additionally, the Board has been engaged for several years now in uncovering and confronting other deep sin patterns in Darrin that do not reflect the Biblical qualifications for an elder, such as:

  • abandonment of genuine Biblical community (Titus 1.8)
  • refusal of personal accountability (failure to be a fellow elder according to I Pt. 5.1)
  • lack of self-control (I Tim. 3.2)
  • manipulation and lying (Titus 1.8)
  • domineering over those in his charge (I Pt. 5.3)
  • misuse of power/authority (I Pt. 5.3)
  • a history of building his identity through ministry and media platforms (necessity to be “sober-minded” in I Tim. 3.2 and avoid selfish gain in I Pt. 5.2)
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Aside from the inappropriate interaction with the women, I've known a few fundamental pastors who have been guilty of failing to meet these standards.

"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan

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I have to say I am very impressed that the elders of this church would remove him for these sins. What a wonderful model in rejecting celebrity for biblical standards. Is there hope for the future?

That said, remember how Acts 29 had been touted with this forward looking, much to be emulated brand? It hasn't turned out too pretty.