"When you take commitment out of belief, you leave belief as merely intellectual"

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Pretty useless article since he doesn't cite any FG folks. I just finished re-reading Ryrie's "So Great Salvation" and in it he makes it extremely clear that saving faith involves entrusting ones self to Christ.

Not to mention this paragraph is strange

"My credentials for writing this and reporting my conclusions are that I have studied the entire New Testament verse-by-verse in the original languages and I'm very proven independent.  I've studied exegetically and preached expositionally for decades.  I'm more of a biblical theologian than systematic.  I'm widely read on both sides of the salvation issue.  I am less biased than most.  I don't think I'm biased at all, but at the same time I think everyone is biased at least some."

It reminds me of Clouds "I have read books on the subject in libraries all over the world".