The biggest factor in driving young ministers out is the “lunatic fringe” of the fundamental movement

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Jim wrote:

"churches that are often characterized by Calvinism, looser living, and progressive, entertaining styles of worship"

And the opposite of these is??


"Some things are of that nature as to make one's fancy chuckle, while his heart doth ache." John Bunyan

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He proved it and didn't even know it. His article made many good points, but the above comment proved they still don't get it. He wrote an article about Calvinism for the Sword of the Lord (which I assume he is separating from since they are heavily involved in what he condemns) in which he made the statements that young people are turning to calvinism because of the lack of standards, pride of education, and laziness in soul-winning. His article is the reason many are leaving. We are tired of the ignorance of past men like Spurgeon, Carey, Judson, Bakkus, Leland, and many others that were calvinist and yet biblical. He also writes about Fundamentalism in a way that proves it is another form of denominationalism or conventionism. I did not leave anything, I just choose not to spend my time with a certain group of people and yet still be Fundamental. So now anyone that is not like him has left fundamentalism, yep I got it, he can have it.

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